Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Sponsor Dinner

Invitations were sent out to all of our sponsors and preparations began for our first Sponsor Harvest Dinner.  

A dinner which we will host each year in anticipation for the upcoming Market.

We spent all afternoon preparing for the dinner.  Not one detail was overlooked, and with the graciousness of those who volunteered to set-up, serve and cook, the dinner went off without a hitch.    

The tables were beautiful, from the crystal pumpkin centerpieces to the jeweled handmade napkin rings. 

The gift baskets were an essential part of our first Sponsor dinner and will most likely be a one time thing.

Kathy Bartholomew spent much of her time and personal expenses to gather items for this basket because :

1. we felt they allowed us to thank you for your good faith and generous donations to the market.

2. As we traveled to Farmers markets in Oregon, Utah and across Idaho we were able to network with other Farmer's Market organizers and vendors to inform them of our upcoming market.

3. We wanted these baskets to show you, the sponsors, the quality and caliber of products we want to have at the Farmers Market at Crossroads Point.

4. lastly we wanted to show our Sponsors how very serious and intent we are on the success of this market, not only for Jerome but for all of Idaho.

We feel that if we can create a large Farmers Market we will bring in revenue and business from all over the Western United States.  All of which will benefit Jerome and the surrounding communities.

The event was informative and entertaining.  The first part of our event was a presentation by Steve Bartholomew explaining to the Sponsors where their money was being spent and how being a sponsor will benefit them as we continue to advertise, market and network the Farmers Market at Crossroads Point.  

A special thanks to all who attended.
We are excited for this Market as we anticipate it's far reaching success. 

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