Monday, April 9, 2012

Apply today to be a vendor... the Farmers Market at the Crossroads Point Business Center!
Do you:
- grow vegetables, fruits or berries?
- grow large quantities of flowers?
- make jewelry?
- make baby blankets and/or burp cloths and bibs?
- make cookies, cakes, pies and other treats?
- make jams and preserves?
- knit or crochet scarfs, hats, baby booties etc. ?
- own a cricket? makes signs etc. to sell for home decor!
- woodwork? Making chairs, birdhouses, cutting boards etc?
- weld?
- make pottery?
- sew aprons, clothing etc.?
- make cards or stationary?
- consider yourself a photographer?  Sell your prints at the market!
- quilt?
- make decorative headbands or hair clips?
- own your own business? Well, set up a booth with your products!

If you do any of the above then apply to be a vendor today!  For only 4 hours, 1 day a week you can have your own small business.  There is no commitment, you can do week by week if you wish.  We do not take a commission of what you sell, so you get to keep what you make.

If you are interested, please contact Kathy Bartholomew at 
cell: (208) 731-8394

We hope to see you there!

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