Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vendors (part 2) and a Message form our Director

Serendipity Spa & Boutique
This is a local Spa offering you or someone you love the opportunity to be spoiled this Summer.  They offer a variety of services as well as high quality products (purses & jewelry) and brands such as Mineral Make-up, Mud Pie, Eminence Skin Care, Avanti and much more. 

Stock Yard Café 
You won't want to miss Stock Yard Cafe's delicious breakfast and lunch items such as breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, doughnuts, hamburgers, tri-tip sandwiches, cheeseburgers, corn dogs, fries and much more. 
Coffee, soda, lemonade and tea will also be served to refresh the busy shopper. ;).

Vertical Planters
Andrew Osburne makes vertical planters that can be planted on the side of your home. Clever and gorgeous when planted they create a blooming wall. He is also selling beautiful bird houses. 

Time & Money
by Tara Hansen. 
Selling health supplements to improve your overall healthy self.

Anything & Everything Fun
They carry clever cupcakes, snow cones, fruit juices, soaps, and bracelets. 
Hand made cards will follow and will sell anything and everything fun they find!

Jaime Boatman is our Market Avon Lady, she is ready to fill all your Avon needs!

Cake Pops
Treat yourself or your little shopper (yes, I'm talking about a little bribery here for the kids) with a cake-pop!  Young or old who doesn't love a pretty and delicious piece of frosted cake you can take with you on the go?!  

Message From our Director
Kathy Bartholomew

"I just have to tell you that the Stock Yard Café wagon has the absolute BEST tri-tip sandwich on the planet!!!!! They smoke their own beef and smother it in onions, bell peppers and cheeses and it is truly decadent!  You HAVE to come have lunch here. 
AND....Lisa Driscoll is selling her dad's BBQ sauce that is now becoming legendary in the Magic Valley. Man is it ever GOOOOD. 

Another 'best' secret was the strawberry lemonade from the Garden Party booth. The Cake Pops are fast becoming a favorite for "good" children.  Andrew Osburn's planters are evolving and have a variety of colors.  Much creativity and thought are going on with these projects.  Serendipity Spa & Boutique has the cutest line of flip flops and summer tops. Cleverly designed, her booth has the cutest jewelry and clothing you'll ever see!  Flying Rabbit soap company will introduce their special "Baby Line" next week. With sweet gifts for the wee ones in your life. 

Produce is coming! We will soon have radishes, lettuces and perhaps beet greens next week! New potatoes are a few weeks out, but within 3 weeks on the table. The balsamic vinegars are ever popular for the gourmet cook and BBQ professionals. They make a great gift for Father's day. As always, Gerberry's  jams and honey are a hit  Ernie and Julia's breads are ever popular and as we have many out of state visitors, it is the perfect gift for transport without a refrigerator. It's the best way to show love....Take home a treat from our market!"

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