Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wholesale from California! (offer expired)

We have a shipment of nuts and fruit coming from California.
Hurry and place an order!


 *pistachios $6.00 per pound or $150.00 for a 25 lbs. box
(fresh-no added colors) 

* shelled almonds $6.00 per pound or $150.00 for a 25 lbs. box

*naval oranges $15.00 for a 20 lbs. box
(The oranges are hand picked fresh off the trees and not ripened or colored by any artificial mean)

*ruby red grapefruit $15.00 for a 20 lbs. box

All pre-paid orders need to be in by February 10-14 and they will be delivered March 1st.

This offer expired, but check in with us regularly as we will post other opportunities to buy produce wholesale here!