Thursday, August 9, 2018

Jerome County Parade 2018

The Farmers Market had a float in the Jerome County Fair Parade for the 7th year in a row.  We are continuously grateful for the help we get, to make these floats fabulous.

WE would like to give special thanks to Lorna Irwin, a true artist.  She is the master creator behind our larger than life fruits, vegetables, rooster and The giant pumpkin.

(she's also made the giant cowboy boot, scare crow and sheep, used in previous parades.)

The Jerome Farmers Market Parade Float!

THEME: County Wide, Country Pride

We won first place!

Below: a peek at just a few of the preparations that took place in order to prepare for the parade.  Not only was it fun to have these little helping hands, but most importantly we are making memories.  We love the market, we love fresh produce and locally made goods, but most of all we love family.

There are so many events planned and something for everyone!

To check out events and read about the history of the Fair click on the picture below: