Harvest Festival Recap

by Ana Harrop, November 04, 2021

Another Famers Market season has come to a close. The Harvest Festival was great fun. The wind made its annual appearance, but the hardy Idaho families came and brought their enthusiasm and made it a wonderful day. Our Triwizard winners were 1st - Kyle Farnsworth, 2nd - Asher Parker, 3rd - Brogan Bartholomew. Well done young men! They outmaneuvered those cagey cagey dragons to go on and complete the course. Congratulations, to the winners of the radio code word contest. Your secret skills landed you a Trader Joe's gift basket. 

A special thanks goes out to Idaho Central Credit Union and Starr Corporation for their sponsorship. We could not do it without their generosity. Also, we we wanted to thank Lee Family Broadcasting for putting us on the air. Paul is the best ever! Thanks to Times News, and KEZJ, Agropur, Jerome Cheese for their donations.

Jerome Civic Club: Gretchen, Lorna, Cathy, Linda, Kailin. Volunteers: Rex Jessup, Janet Jessup, Anneli Crouch, Kelly Mecham,  Keri Dixon, Angela Cockrell, B&Z Plumbing, Dorian Bench. Audrey Simms, Kellee Traughber, Ranae Capps, Ana Harrop, Moss' Greenhouse, Nina, John, and Nina Holifield. 

Thank you to the characters as well: cross country dragons, Aiden Wallace, Jon Bakes, and James Atkins. Skyler Farnsworth as Professor Lupin, Henry Bartholomew as goblin extraordinaire. Dean and Candria Lusk who brought "Fang" to be loved and petted. It was an epic effort to get that dog to the festival. So much talented people came together to provide a magical day to the children of this valley. 

We thank our customers/friends who came to the market and were so kind to us. You buoyed our spirits every week and gave us all a lift. Our vendors are indeed special people. What makes this venture so especial is the compassionate people who serve one another when times are hard. I've seen them lift one another. work hard to succeed, and bring a lot of laughter to the table. They are all gold star people in this venture. 

We wish you all a blessed fall and holiday season. Stay healthy, be safe, and we will see you again next year. Thank you and we adore you!

Kent and Kathy Bartholomew