by Ana Harrop, May 25, 2022

Just 2 weeks in our countdown now. Potential vendors keep calling, but until their applications and payment are in, they won’t be listed.


Caitlin Burnham with her adorable hair bows and earrings is busy creating one-of-a-kind products for gift giving and wear.


Annmarie Meyers with her Country Girls Creations has embroidered towels, seasonal wreaths, pot holders and crocheted items and so much more.


Darling Peggy Pickett will have her baby blankets, large minky blankets, picnic quilts, caramels and candy. She always has just the right gift for the babies in your life.


Laurel Schmidt has freeze dried candy. If you haven’t tried it, you should. She also creates 3-d printed vases. That will be fascinating to see.


Theo & Hattie will be there with their chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. They will also have flower arrangements. As the season moves on, these kids also are a help getting produce to cars


Kackleberry Farm will be carrying 8 varieties of honey. Knowledgeable staff can help you select what is best for you. We have some spring produce and all we need are 2 good weeks of weather to fill our tables.


Heart of the Home has 8 varieties of gourmet mustards and the most amazing cutting boards ever. The acrylic boards are true works of art. Charcuterie boards are a fabulous gift and there are some real unique boards to choose from. They will move real quickly so don’t wait until “next time”.


Our lavender and soaps are ready to move. It smells SO GOOD in the holding room.


Once a month, the Jerome Civic Club will be on site with their pies, jams, blankets and candy…oh and puff popcorn. Their dates will be 6/11, 7/9/8/13/9/17 & 10/8




Melissa Veenhouwer & Betty Hockenberry of Mountain Valley Leather & Beads will be with us off and on through the summer. They carry leather bead jewelry, beaded horse shoes, wood bowls, key chains, and crates.


As the weather can be uncertain at the beginning of the season, please have a jacket in your vehicle. You know the old saying, “Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” We’ll see you SOON!!!!

by Ana Harrop, May 16, 2022


In just 3 short weeks, the Jerome Farmers Market will be open for business. Time is surely flying. We’d like to introduce you to some of our amazing vendors.


Diana Adams comes all the way from Bliss and sells amazing baskets, hand brooms, lavender and jewelry. Her baskets make lovely gifts and I can’t wait to buy a hand broom from her. She’s a delight and so very, very kind.


Dorian Bench, aka wood turner extraordinaire makes pens, gorgeous bowls, salves, jewelry and is just plain fun. He is getting a reputation throughout the valley with his incredible products.


Pam Cunningham is our tie dye lady…She has shirts, dresses, scarfs, and many more colorful items. Her booth is fun and lively and it’s a pleasure to visit with her…and buy!


Lisa Hernandez with “We Knead Dough” is a staple at the market. Her breads, rolls, sweet breads and other surprises make her a market favorite. Come early for best selection as she has a tendency to sell out. Lisa will take extra good care of you.


Shana, Nancy Carie Jackson are so delightful. You can purchase bags, doilies and so much more from these gals. When you hear laughter echoing across the lawns, you can bet it’s coming from their booth.


Marty, Kelli Sue Kolz and Daniel are fun people and sell fun product. They specialize in pies, jams and Daniel has a taste for discovery and exploration with his tarts. Check them out for produce in season and stop by for a visit.


Mike & Cristina Machado sell everything Portuguese. From dishware to amazing cheese, sweetbread and many delectable delights, you can’t miss these friendly and wonderful people. When Mike breaks out the grill, lunch is served and it will literally make your day and make your tastebuds very happy.


In another week, we will line out more vendors for you to learn about. Mark your calendar for June 4 from 9-1 and listen to Lee Family Broadcasting for our market ads.

April 2022

by Ana Harrop, April 26, 2022


The time is getting close!  All the cole crops are in …aka cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, peas, potatoes, onions, shallots, leeks, radishes, lettuce, beets and carrots.


In a very short 2 weeks, it will be time to put in the warmer weather crops. This spring has been a little topsy turvy and there has been some delay, however, when the weather breaks…and it will…it will truly be time for a lot of work. We can’t wait!.


We have many new vendors for you to meet this year. It’s going to be exciting.

Our soaps are stocked, honey bottled, mustards ready, cutting boards and bowls being fine tuned and so much more for your shopping and gifting pleasure. Pay particular attention to the dates and times on the poster and soon, we’ll have the signage and flags out on highway 93. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and enjoy this beautiful time of year with the blooming trees, daffodils and tulips. We’ll see you soon!

March 11, 2022

by Ana Harrop, March 11, 2022


After watching the news and being sad, I took a little time out this morning and had a wonderful time. Tomorrow, Moss Greenhouse is opening for the season!...By all means, take the time to soothe your soul, make you happy, and lift your spirit. Go out and see the marvelous herbs, pansies, d├ęcor and flowers. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did. The smell is intoxicating and the feeling amazing.

 This weather is getting close to breaking from winter. As it warms up, it will quickly be time to clean up the flower beds, gardens, planters and patios. I am rushing to complete all indoor projects because the minute it is time, we’ll be out for hours a day. The house will be on it’s own.

 The vendor listing is increasing and we have some new folks for you to meet. Time is quickly approaching our opening day. Believe it or not, efforts are also well under way for the Harvest Festival in October!

 We wish you an amazing spring and joyful time to soon get outside. Whooo Hooo!            


January 20, 2022

by Ana Harrop, January 20, 2022

Happy 2022!

As I watch my flag blowing outside…(east wind again) coyotes howling north of us, the earth quiet under a blanket of snow, I realize that this is a resting time for us. For those who work out in the elements…not so much. Hearth and home take on a definite pleasurable meaning. This is the time of research, study, craft development, seed ordering and planning for the days when the weather breaks and outdoor work once again begins. 

The other day, we walked past some stacks of potting mix and the scents definitely stir up longing. I am glad however, that we live in an area with 4 distinct seasons. The change is good for the soul. This is a time to try new recipes, explore new ventures, and enjoy the upheavals in the weather patterns. It’s nice not to worry about frost destroying crops. Enjoy this moment. It too will change. In the process, protect your health. Eat well, exercise, rest, and pay attention to your body rhythms. Soon, we’ll be outside preparing soil, planting, weeding, watering, mowing and barbequing. Be grateful where we live.

 In Alaska, our daughter and her family endured 70 mph winds for 3 days, subzero temperatures, power outage for 36 hours and empty grocery stores and covid. This all happened at the same time. They are doing well and look forward to coming down to the lower 48 soon. Winter can be spectacularly beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Live is always an adventure…embrace it and be thankful. We are thankful for you all and truly look forward to seeing you again. Make good use of your time.