by Ana Harrop, August 31, 2022

 Welcome to September! This summer is flying by. This Saturday, the Jerome Farmers at the Mountain View Barn will have peaches, plums, tomatoes, onions, peppers, melons, and many more wonderful fruits and vegetables. Strawberries and blackberries will be available as well. 

It will be hot this week as a result, the slow production has ramped up and will ripen at a regular schedule. Come and get some amazing bread, excellent honey, sweet pies and jams and jellies. Unique gifts are available and it is simply just a lot of fun. 

We are located 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93. Our hours are from 9-1. 

Enjoy a lemonade, come see your friends and have a visit. 

by Ana Harrop, August 24, 2022

 Time is flying! This is the last weekend of August. This week, we're going to send it out right. The Jerome Famers Market will have Early Elberta or Golden Jubilee peaches. Santa Rosa plums and nectarines are also ready. The Kulm sweet corn will be at the market and we have waited for that. The watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew are ripe and sweet tasting. Tomatoes an peppers are moving forward and it promises to be an abundant weekend. Cucumbers, zucchini and much more are still coming on.

You've got to try our Portuguese barbeque. It is fabulous! It is an amazing time of year. We are introducing a new soap to commemorate Jerome High School. It will be a real collectors item. 

The Jerome Famers Market is open Saturdays and are located 3 miles south of Jerome at the Mountain View Barn on Highway 93. Our hours are 9-1 and will have delicious peach lemonade just for you.

by Ana Harrop, August 17, 2022

 We are now at a time when the Jerome Farmers Market is really getting fun. The produce is abundant, and everything is coming on: watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, cucumbers, green beans, blackberries, and much more will be available. The onions are harvested and you will be able to stock up for winter. The selection is incredible.

Our artisans are bringing out amazing gifts and Lisa's bread is the best anywhere. We have a large selection of mustards for school lunches that you will want to look at. 

I am going to share two pieces of advice right now:

1. Come early for the best selection

2. Now is the time that the wasps are cranky and quick. Be aware of your surroundings and have a can of wasp spray close by. It is not fun getting stung or bit.

We are located 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93 at the Mountain View Barn. If you come from the Twin Falls area, go north on Highway 93. Once you have travel under the overpass, head north 3 miles and turn left at the railroad tracks. 

We are open from 9-1 and will see you soon. The lemonade will be out and ready for you. 

by Ana Harrop, August 10, 2022

 It's time to celebrate our local food and the local famers who grow it! Come join us at the Jerome Farmers Market during #IdahoFarrmersWeek! Be one of the first 50 customers at the market and get a free tote bag! The Jerome Civic Club will be with us as well as many more wonderful vendors. Watermelon will be making its appearance and you'll want to check out the winter squash that is coming on. We will be having shiro plums. 

It's also Jerome County Fair Week so you'll want to check out the hard work for our kids with their animals and projects. They're our future famers. We are open Saturday, from 9-1 at the Mountain View Barn and are located 3 miles south Jerome on Highway 93. Come early, get your goodies and hit the fat stock sale at the fairgrounds. Take a lemonade for the road. 

by Ana Harrop, August 03, 2022

 Welcome to the Sunflower Festival!! Not only will it be a day to celebrate August and the sunflowers, but Gordon will be bringing blueberries from Oregon!! Pass this along as this will be the ONLY DAY he'll be able to get them. Tell all your friends. We will bring new vegetables as well, so be prepared to experiment. Come early to beat the heat. 

We have a bit of housekeeping to take care of. We are a family/pet friendly market and ask that pet owners to be responsible for the actions of their dogs. If they make a mess, clean it up, if they damage other vendor's product, it is the responsibility of the owner to reimburse the vendor at the full market price. The vendors work hard to bring you the best that they can. We appreciate the respect and kindness 99% of the patrons exhibit. 

We are open from 9-1 on Saturday and are located at the Mountain View Barn 3 miles South of Jerome on Highway 93. We will have blueberry lemonade just for you!