Harvest Festival Recap

by Ana Harrop, November 04, 2021

Another Famers Market season has come to a close. The Harvest Festival was great fun. The wind made its annual appearance, but the hardy Idaho families came and brought their enthusiasm and made it a wonderful day. Our Triwizard winners were 1st - Kyle Farnsworth, 2nd - Asher Parker, 3rd - Brogan Bartholomew. Well done young men! They outmaneuvered those cagey cagey dragons to go on and complete the course. Congratulations, to the winners of the radio code word contest. Your secret skills landed you a Trader Joe's gift basket. 

A special thanks goes out to Idaho Central Credit Union and Starr Corporation for their sponsorship. We could not do it without their generosity. Also, we we wanted to thank Lee Family Broadcasting for putting us on the air. Paul is the best ever! Thanks to Times News, and KEZJ, Agropur, Jerome Cheese for their donations.

Jerome Civic Club: Gretchen, Lorna, Cathy, Linda, Kailin. Volunteers: Rex Jessup, Janet Jessup, Anneli Crouch, Kelly Mecham,  Keri Dixon, Angela Cockrell, B&Z Plumbing, Dorian Bench. Audrey Simms, Kellee Traughber, Ranae Capps, Ana Harrop, Moss' Greenhouse, Nina, John, and Nina Holifield. 

Thank you to the characters as well: cross country dragons, Aiden Wallace, Jon Bakes, and James Atkins. Skyler Farnsworth as Professor Lupin, Henry Bartholomew as goblin extraordinaire. Dean and Candria Lusk who brought "Fang" to be loved and petted. It was an epic effort to get that dog to the festival. So much talented people came together to provide a magical day to the children of this valley. 

We thank our customers/friends who came to the market and were so kind to us. You buoyed our spirits every week and gave us all a lift. Our vendors are indeed special people. What makes this venture so especial is the compassionate people who serve one another when times are hard. I've seen them lift one another. work hard to succeed, and bring a lot of laughter to the table. They are all gold star people in this venture. 

We wish you all a blessed fall and holiday season. Stay healthy, be safe, and we will see you again next year. Thank you and we adore you!

Kent and Kathy Bartholomew 

Week of October 9th

by Ana Harrop, October 04, 2021


Here we are at the Harvest Festival Week!

Bring everyone you know and come to the 10th Annual Party!

We will be open from 9-2 this Saturday.

Celebrate a magical, funny, mystical All Wizard Tournament.

Trick or Treat is from 10:00-10:30 

Costume Parade is 10:30-11:00

Wizard Competition is 11:30 

Produce and vendors galore, much to buy and see, including animals to pet, train rides, Fang the dog to snuggle with and much more. 

Cold Stone will be bringing their amazing caramel apples.

Don't forget to find your perfect pumpkin.

If the parking lot is full... and it will be, we are running night buses from Moss' Greenhouse for additional parking, at no charge.

The last and final word remember is FANG. (If a reminder is needed, be sure to check out previous post:)

We are at the Mountain View Barn 3 miles South on Highway 93 or 392 East 300 South in Jerome. 

Moss Greenhouse address is 269 South 300 East - Jerome 

We are excited to see you soon!

October 2, 2021

by Ana Harrop, September 30, 2021

 It's official! Fall is here, and we are into October. With 2 weeks of the market to go, things are getting busy. 

There will be: 

Pumpkins and squash, Granny Smith, Fuji, and Robinette apples. Russet potatoes and carrots. Everything is gorgeous! There are also tons of fun decorating items available. 

The vendors are working hard to make this a fun and memorable time for you. 

Moss' Greenhouse will be bringing in the last their mums for $1 for 4 inch pots.

The word to remember this week is PUMPKIN.  It will pay to remember DRAGON, WIZARD, and GOBLIN as well. One more word will be announced next week, and a fabulous prize awaits the listener at the Harvest Festival on October 9th. 

We are open from 9-1, Saturday at het Mountain View Barn, 3 miles south on Highway 93

393 East 300 South in Jerome.

September 25, 2021

by Ana Harrop, September 21, 2021

Photo Credit: Kaela Capps

 While fall officially begins this week, September is also close to being done...which means the Market Festival is right around the corner. The word to remember this week is "GOBLIN.

The Farmers Market will be in the southwest park at the Mountain View Barn with Fall Fare. 

Load up on pumpkins, squash, onions, apples, and much more. Our vendors are getting into the Halloween and fall spirit so check us out and decorate your homes.

Mark your calendars for October 9th and bring your families to an awesome party. 

We are open from 9-1, 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93

392 East 300 South.  

We sadly need to report the loss of one of our dear vendors and friends. Melissa Bench succumbed to the ravages of Covid last Saturday.

 Her funeral will be this Saturday at 3 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints chapel on Tiger Drive in Jerome. There will be a viewing at 2 pm. 

You could hear her laughter all over the park and she joyfully cared for people and offered help for their health care and healing. She was kind, feisty, fun and a definite warrior. She also was a devoted and loyal friend, mother, wife and mentor. We love her and will miss her. Rest in peace my friend and compadre.

September 18, 2021

by Ana Harrop, September 16, 2021


This is going to be a fun week at the Jerome Farmers Market. 

We are bringing in the pumpkins! 

Pink-Blue-Striped-Orange-Yellow and White. 

There will be many sizes and shapes to choose from. Our grapes are also ready and the fall apples are in full swing. Load up on squash, onions, and all kinds of vegetables.

 The special word for the Harvest Festival this week is "Wizard" so remember that and last weeks word. (Look in the previous post)

There is only 4 weeks left. Mark your calendar for October 9th for the Harvest Festival. It is a Wizarding Festival with free admission and wonderful activities for the family. 

We are open from 9-1 at the Mountain View Barn 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93. 392 East 300 South

Come and see us and have a great day!

Photo Credit: Ranae Capps

Photo Credit: Ana Harrop

September 11, 2021

by Ana Harrop, September 09, 2021


The Jerome Farmers Market is preparing for a shift. This week, the market will be on the west park right inside the driveway. Look left and that is were we will be.

We will once again have gorgeous berries to sell, along with apples, peaches, pears and much more. You will be able to pick up a bag of onions to store for the winter. 

The Jerome Civic Club will be with us selling pies and many wonderful items. Moss Greenhouse is bringing gorgeous fall perennials. We only have 5 weeks to go, so now is the time to stock up.

The Harvest Festival will be a Wizard Tournament on October 9th. 

A key word to remember is DRAGON for a contest we are having. 

We are open from 9-1 and are located 3 miles south of Jerome. 

392 East 300 South

We will see you soon!

September 4, 2021

by Ana Harrop, September 02, 2021


Welcome to September! There will be so many fun changes to come! 

The Jerome Farmers market will have: peaches, green beans, cucumbers,  squash, and gala apples to names a few items. The vendors this year have truly been exceptional. I've been able to do some major Birthday and Christmas shopping. 

Between our peaches, and Craig's berries, life just doesn't get much better. The onions, peppers, and tomatoes make the best salsa ever. Honeydew is sweet and juicy.

 Moss' Greenhouse is bringing their perennials, mums, colorful asters, and pansies. Top off your gardens for gorgeous fall colors. 

Come and see us this Saturday from 9-1 at the Mountain View Barn. We are located 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93, or 392 East 300 South - Jerome, ID 83338 if you want to put us in your cell phone maps.

Photo Credit: Steven Bartholomew

August 28, 20211

by Ana Harrop, August 26, 2021

Here we are at the last full week of August. Things are definitely changing outside. Harvest will quickly be in full swing. 

Be respectful of the big harvesting trucks. The gardens are ever changing, some things end and others are beginning.

Green beans, cucumbers, pears, peaches, peppers, onions, blackberries, raspberries, golden raspberries, strawberries, and much more are on.

The chickens are producing gorgeous and large eggs.

Fall squash is delicious and so are the melons. 

Lisa's breads, Linda's preserves and Kellie Sue's pies and treats are all worthy of a look and taste. 

This will be the last week of the Kulm sweet corn, so grab it before it is gone.

Check out the ongoing barbeque for lunch. It is fabulous!

After Saturday, we begin a countdown for the Harvest Festival. Mark October 9th on your calendars for that will be incredible this year.

We are open from 9-1 on Saturday and are located at the Mountain View Barn. 3 Miles South of Jerome on Highway 93.

We will be looking forward to seeing you. It's not just about the food, its an event and a wonderful experience.

August 21, 2021

by Ana Harrop, August 19, 2021

 It is hard to believe that August is half over. It is interesting to see what matures so quickly in the gardens right now. This weekend will be our back to school celebration. Sadly, summer vacation is coming to an end, but that signals the time of year to begin canning and putting food by for the winter. 

Our onions are curing for food storage. Peaches, pears, and apples will soon be the norm. We have the beginnings of fall squash and they hold for months.

Stock up on your soaps and honey When the blackberry, raspberry, and pumpkin honeys are gone, they are gone for the season. 

Pick up some amazing breads for your kids lunches and sweets for dessert.

Try the Portuguese chees eon your meals as well. There are wonderful necklaces, jewelry and bags to carry your necessities in.

Come see us at the Mountain View Ban from 9-1 this Saturday. We are 3 miles South of Jerome on Highway 93.

August 14, 2021

by Ana Harrop, August 12, 2021


Each week during the summer, brings something new to celebrate.

This week is National Farmers Market Week. The Idaho State Potato Commission has sent gifts just for you.  

Peaches, cucumbers, cantaloupe, honeydew, green beans, and much more will be at the market. 

We have some outstanding vendors with home decorations, baby blankets, doilies, and toys.

Kulm's sweet corn will be on time and at the market this Saturday. We apologize for the delay of last week. Bring your bags and load up. It's tasty, sweet, and wonderful.

Enjoy the Jerome County Fair this week and come and see us Saturday. 

We are open 9-1 at the Mountain View Barn, 3 miles South of Jerome on Highway 93.

It is an excellent time for family outings. 

Photo credit: David Bartholomew 

August 7, 2021

by Ana Harrop, August 04, 2021

 The month of August begins with a bang!

This Saturday at the Jerome Farmers Market is the Sunflower Festival.

Bring your bestie and explore the talents of the valley. There will be much fun to be had and marvelous things to buy.

We will have: early Elberta peaches, Kulm sweet corn on the cob, cucumbers, squash, cantaloupe, potatoes, onions, and much more.

Take home a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers to brighten your table and home. They come in a spectacular variety of colors. 

Visit Lisa and Linda for amazing breads and gourmet treats. Pick up some enchiladas or tamales for supper. Take time to visit the wonderful vendors. 

Once again, Moss Greenhouse will bring trailers of flower baskets to clearance. 

The lemonade will be out just for you. 

We are open from 9-1 at the Mountain View Barn, 3 miles South of Jerome on Highway 93.

We'll see you soon!

July 31, 2021

by Ana Harrop, July 28, 2021

 This Saturday marks the last day of July and mid point of the market season. Time certainly has flown by.

This week, Gordon will have the last of the blueberries, which is unheard of at this point. He will begin offering Hawaiian Delights to eat as well.

The cucumbers are robust and the green beans are on. I checked the cantaloupe and will bring some of those beauties. 

We are having a soap clearance sale to make more space on the tables for the upcoming squash and vegetables. 

There will be new vendors to meet this week so come and enjoy yourselves. Leave a little time to have a Portuguese Barbeque. It will be amazing. 

Mark your calendar for August 7th. That is our Sunflower Festival. Bring your besties and explore. 

At that time, we will have Kulm sweet corn and red haven peaches.

We are open from 9-1 at the Mountain View Barn. Drive 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93, and you can't miss us. 

We'll see you soon!

July 24, 2021

by Ana Harrop, July 22, 2021


This Saturday is a day you will want to be at the Jerome Farmers Market. Before you begin your day, you will want to come by and stock up.

We will have:

blueberries, slicing peaches, cucumbers, green beans, carrots, Yukon potatoes, red pontiac potatoes, last of the cabbage, and kohlrabi, but the first of the season fresh corn on the cob. 

It will be wonderful, and everything else is in abundance and everything and delicious.

The heat is speeding up the ripening of the process and so your opportunity for fresh, good food is increasing. 

While you are there, you need to begin to load up on gifts for your gift giving. There are many to choose from. 

Take home a loaf of bread, cupcake and many other tempting treats. 

We are open from 9-1 and are located 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93. 

We will have the peach lemonade available, as well as iced coffee or Italian soda.

We will see you soon!

July 17, 2021

by Ana Harrop, July 15, 2021

 The Jerome Famers Market is really beginning to hum.

This week, we will have cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, beets, red and gold potatoes, onions, zucchini and the start of green beans in the produce line.

Gordon will bring another load of gorgeous blueberries. As you know, the produce moves quickly.

We are looking for canning lids to help our patrons, so if you have a source, please let us know. 

You really need to try Kelli Sue Kolz's rhubarb pie. Boy is it Tasty!

It is going to be hot again, so come early.

We are open from 9-1 and are located 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93.

We will have the yummy lemonade waiting for you.

July 10, 2021

by Ana Harrop, July 07, 2021

 Saturday, you definitely want to put "MARKET' on your calendar. It is the Lavender/Herb Festival! Come to experience all the Amazing things you can do with herbs and lavender. There will be fresh bouquets to take home and much more to sample. 

Moss Greenhouse will once again bring their trailers with lavender, herbs, basil, and huge caged tomatoes. 

Gordon is bringing his blueberries from Oregon! It's the deal of the summer.

The heat is getting things started early. It would be best to come early so you do not get too hot. We will also be serving our delicious lavender lemonade to cool you down. 

The Jerome Civic Club will be with us selling their pies and wares as well. 

We are open from 9-1 and are located 3 miles South of Jerome on Highway 93.

July 3, 2021

by Ana Harrop, July 01, 2021

 Happy 4th of July! We hope you have a safe and fun holiday. 

At the Jerome Farmers Market this week, we will be celebrating as well. Join Abel for a barbeque. Enjoy a wonderful lemonade. We will have zucchini this week, cherries, beets, and many other vegetables. The summer vegetables are blooming and will be on before you know it.

Our pick of the week is Lisa's breads and rolls, and Quinton's cupcakes. All are fabulous for your holiday picnics and parties. Theo and Hattie will be back with their cookies, and there is just so much more to take home or with you on your trips. If you need to take a "made in Idaho" souvenir, we can help you too.

Moss Greenhouse will bring a trailer of basil, huge tomatoes in cages and 1 gallon geraniums.

We are open from 9-1 at the Mountain View Barn. Look for us 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93 this Saturday. We'll see you soon!

June 26, 2021

by Ana Harrop, June 23, 2021

 Welcome to Summer! It is now official! 

This week, the Jerome Farmers Market will be offering shelling peas, broccoli and gorgeous cabbage among other goodies. 

It is cherry time as well! There will be 2 sizes of sweet cherries to choose from.

Come early for a great selection.

This week, my market pick is Virginia's tamales and enchiladas. They are sooo good. There will be chicken and beef available. 

Betty and Melissa also have some amazing beaded and leather goods. They are exceptionally creative.  With rodeos, parades, and upcoming cowboy activities on the horizon, you'll want to check them out.

Moss' Greenhouse will be bringing 1 gallon zonal geraniums for $1.00 each.

We are located 3 miles South of the Jerome on Highway 93 at the Mountain View Barn. The hours are from 9-1.

Enjoy a blueberry lemonade and make it a summer to remember. 

Here is an oldie but goodie of cherry picking we have had from the past

Saturday June 19, 2021

by Ana Harrop, June 17, 2021

 The Jerome Farmers Market is well underway. As the weather warms, more vegetables develop and ripen. There are still beautiful kohlrabi, broccoli, spinach, cabbage. Each week brings more varieties of produce... You really don't want to miss a week because many talented vendors rotate in. Check out our 10 year anniversary cookbook. It will teach you how to cook the many vegetables that we grow.

 Did you know that Christina Machado brings Portuguese products? It's a great find! My pick of the week is to buy a beautiful cutting board from Kent, or a leather journal from Kennedy, a rifle pen from Dorian and gourmet mustards for Father's Day. On these hot days, our lemonade is a hit, but you can also find fabulous Italian sodas and iced coffees from Angie Barns.   

Moss's Greenhouse is bringing back their $1.00 basil, tomatoes, and fruit mints.

Market Announcement

by Ana Harrop, June 10, 2021

 The Jerome Farmers Market is officially open for business!

We are excited to renew old acquaintances and see old friends. Due to recent developments and requests, we need to make a statement and hope you'll bear with us. We adore and care for EVERYONE who takes time to come see us. It is our desire to serve, help and nurture all of our customers and vendors. 

Recently, we have been asked about hosting political agendas, personal agendas and illegal substances. 

We are are not a platform for any of the ABOVE-MENTIONED requests. 

We provide fresh produce, breads, honey's, home created crafts and sell to the public. We promote wellness and healthy lifestyles. We invited our sponsors to come anytime and if they need to set up instructional booths, are welcome to do so. The Jerome Farmers Market has had fund raisers for cancer victims, organ transplant recipients, Veterans for Child Rescue, Underground Railroad, and FFA Activities. The fund raisers must be approved by the director and board of the Farmers Market. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, calm and joyful experience for our customers who come to see us. 

As a sign once said, "Solicitors not welcome. Do not make it awkward." Thank you, we look forward to seeing you. 


Opening Day June 5, 2021

by Ana Harrop, May 31, 2021


    The Jerome Farmers Market is open for the season starting THIS SATURDAY! June 5th. We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Come and get a free gourmet cupcake and balloon for the kids. This year, we have a wonderful bunch of vendors and producers.

    Kackelberry Farm, Itty Bitty Farm, Thompson Family Farm, and  The Kolz Family will bring lettuce, radishes, spinach, rhubarb, herbs, broccoli and much more!

        You can pick up handbags, leather work, honey, mustard, and pies from the Civic Club, as well as breads, cookies, and soaps. If Tie Dye is your passion, we can help there too. Our hours are from 9-1 at the Mountain View Barn, 3 miles South of Jerome on Highway 93. The lemonade is on us and we are excited to see you again soon.

We are open on Saturdays

by Jerome Farmers Market, May 29, 2021

The Farmers Market is open Saturdays from 9am-1pm beginning June 5th. We have over 20 vendors and know you will find something you love! 

We are open every Saturday all summer long, but we wanted to highlight a few special events we are having. 

June 5: Market Opening Day Birthday Party

July 10: Lavender/Herb Festival

August 7: Sunflower Run

October 9: Halloween with Harry Potter Harvest Festival

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you this coming Saturday!