2 days until the Harvest Festival! 2014

by Jerome Farmers Market, October 09, 2013
There are only 2 days left until this years Harvest Festival at the Crossroads Point Farmers Market in Jerome, ID!  Last year was our very first year and it was a blast (no pun intended due to the high winds).  
Kids enjoyed the bouncy houses and giant pumpkin pyramid and parents enjoyed all the handmade goods sold by the local vendors.    

Our Market's director Kathy Bartholomew wore her gorgeous velvet witches cape with a bejeweled spider hanging from her hat. 

Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes were displayed.  There was even one that talked and had cool pumpkin sunglasses.

some of the delicious and pretty things made by our vendors last year.

We will also have our pumpkin pyramid and our 5 foot life-like pumpkin for display.

This year we are adding the gorgeous and realistic looking giant rooster and the chicken wrangler to pose by for pictures.

So wear your costumes, come on down for LOTS of fun, food, entertainment and games for  everyone! 
Hocus Pocus by Iria Abella [©2017] | Halloween drawings, Hocus pocus,  Halloween hocus pocus

Recipe for Fall fruits & veggies

by Jerome Farmers Market, September 27, 2013
As Fall approaches harvest time begins.  Below are just a few recipes using delicious produce that you will find at the market tomorrow.  Just click on the recipe name to see the full recipe.  

market ingredients:
tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, basil

click on the recipe title link above for the best tutorial on how to make a perfect Caprese salad, as well as the most delicious pictures you'll ever see. ;)

market ingredients:
kale, apples, lettuce, onions

market ingredients:
onion, yellow squash, olive oil

market ingredients:
whole corn

pumpkin, onions, tomato, celery

We hope to see you tomorrow!  
Also our Harvest Festival is coming up.
More on that later.

Kackleberry Farms

by Jerome Farmers Market, September 10, 2013
Many of the fresh fruit and produce that you find at the Market are grown here at Kackleberry farms.  Kackleberry farms is located in Jerome and stands on 5 acres.  With their rich soils and superb growing conditions, Kackleberry Farms has some of the most delicious homegrown and handpicked produce in the area.

Remember that no matter where you live to always 

K A C K L E B E R R Y   F A R M S

Not only do they have large expanding gardens, they also have free range chickens that produce large delicious eggs for cooking.

Kackleberry Farms will be at the Jerome Farmers Market this Saturday.  So stop by, say hi and try some of their delicious homegrown, handpicked produce!

Saturday Market, Aug. 24th!

by Jerome Farmers Market, August 23, 2013
Jerome's own, is cookin' up some good ole dutch oven this Saturday. 
Come on over, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the tastes, smells and good company that make Jerome, Idaho great. 

at the Jerome Farmers Market at Crossroads Point Business Center!

(while supplies last)

Saturday, Aug. 24th



Jerome County Fair Parade Float

by Jerome Farmers Market, August 08, 2013
A lot of time, energy and attention to detail went into this years float representing the Farmers Market at Crossroads Point Business Center.

It was well worth it because, as the picture above shows: 

We couldn't have made such a spectacular float without the help from some very talented friends.  So we'd like to give a shout out to the following businesses & people:

Arlo G. Lott Trucking
(208) 324-5053
Arlo let us use this gorgeous red semi-truck (which we later found out was a birthday present for him).  It was stunning!

Old Hickory Sheds
901 South Lincoln, Jerome
Mark Yoder (208) 324-1408
They let us use one of their gorgeous sheds to be placed on the float.  The quality and craftsmanship that goes into these sheds is astounding.

Moss greenhouses Inc.
(208) 324-1000
Moss's let us use whatever we needed.  So we had the (fun) task of looking through their gorgeous array of potted perennials to choose whatever we needed to really make the float pop with color! 

Lorna Irwin, wife of Dr. Irwin
The mind bogglingly-talented Lorna Irwin created this rooster from scratch using such innovative and out of the ordinary materials as water noodles, foam, paper mache, wood and PVC pipes!  GENIUS!

The Rodeo Chicken
Kathy was the friendly rodeo chicken. Kids and adults alike wanted to take a picture with her.  Who wouldn't want to have their picture taken with a giant chicken. Right?!

... last but not least we had lots of little helpers during the parade.  From singing and dancing on the float to entertain the onlookers, to throwing refreshing waters and otter pops to the crowd these little helpers were invaluable to the success of the float!

To see more pictures from the parade click on the link below!

The Jerome County Fair Parade was yesterday.  Our award winning float was simply amazing (thanks to a lot of help from our many talented friends, we'll post more about that tomorrow).

Thought we'd post a 'teaser' photo of just a few of the highlights of our float!   More, much much more to come tomorrow.

Garden Greens & Moss Greenhouses Inc.

by Jerome Farmers Market, June 21, 2013
Last and CERTAINLY not least is a fabulous vendor...a vendor who has been with us since day 1 of the market....

Moss Greenhouses Inc.
Don't miss this booth.  Here you will find a gorgeous selection of 10" and 12" hanging baskets, annuals, perennials and much much more.  
This week they are also selling a variety of veggies!
Their flowers are exceptionally beautiful as always so stop by and take a gander!  

This week (tomorrow) at the market we will be selling garden greens such as:

beautiful radishes
beet greens
mustard greens

...as well as shallots & farm fresh eggs!

Hope to see you there!

by Jerome Farmers Market, May 29, 2013
We are very to excited for our 2nd year at Crossroads Point Business Center!  Last year was a great success and we are so grateful to all who participated.  We expect this year and each subsequent year (yes, that's right...we're here to stay) to just get better and better.

Our vender list will change with the seasons and the produce that is available, but this Saturday you can  expect to see the following venders and items at the market:

Kackleberry Farm's Produce - spinach, kale and fresh farm eggs

Creations 4 You - variety of balsamic vinegars

Gerberry Farm's - fresh jams and honey

Flying Rabbit Soap Co. homemade goat's milk soap 
*announcing a new line of men's soap*
green tweed, loansome cowboy, sandalwood and sagebrush

Bread by Ernie & Julia - homemade artisan breads

Moss's Greenhouse - variety of gorgeous hanging baskets and flowers

we will also have venders selling children books, homemade quilts, refurbished furniture, garden party DIY ideas and more!

Hope to see you there!

Market on your calendars!

by Jerome Farmers Market, March 20, 2013
March 21st, Thursday from 12:00pm-3:00pm - The Market will be at Moss Greenhouse with CSI's Office on Aging.  We will be giving samples and promoting the market!

March 23rd, Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm - The Market will be at Moss Greenhouse's Open House & Tour.  We will have information and vendor applications for the Market available on this day.  

April 17th, Wednesday- Ladies Night Out at Moss Greenhouse.  Come check out the vendors with their balsamics, soaps, jams, honey along with wine tasting and chocolate!  Purchase your tickets early through Moss Greenhouse Facebook page. Get your ticket today, last year was a complete sellout! 
LOOK for vendor training this Summer! date and time to come. This will be a luncheon with an invaluable seminar on becoming a successful vendor, moving your product, drawing a crowd and how to get repeat customers. Marketing, selling and signage instruction as well.  

2012 Farmers Market Video

by Jerome Farmers Market, January 21, 2013

We've put together a video of our first season at The Farmers Market at Crossroads Point Business Center.

Please click HERE to see the video!