Market is tomorrow!

by Jerome Farmers Market, June 15, 2012
Now that the wind has passed and the risk of loosing half our tents and umbrellas is not so high we are back to business!  The Market will be tomorrow:
Saturday, 8am-1pm

At the Market this Saturday (tomorrow) we have:
-large free range eggs
-gorgeous and delicious radishes
-dried beans

....and much much more!

Along with our regular vendors we have added a few more.  We will do write ups on our new vendors next week but here are some of the things they will be selling tomorrow:

-beautiful metal art!
-blueberries (coming soon)
-cherries (coming soon)
-check our vendor list on the right side of this web page 
(under "quick search")
to see who our vendors are and what they are selling!

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