Jerome County Fair Parade Float

by Jerome Farmers Market, August 08, 2013
A lot of time, energy and attention to detail went into this years float representing the Farmers Market at Crossroads Point Business Center.

It was well worth it because, as the picture above shows: 

We couldn't have made such a spectacular float without the help from some very talented friends.  So we'd like to give a shout out to the following businesses & people:

Arlo G. Lott Trucking
(208) 324-5053
Arlo let us use this gorgeous red semi-truck (which we later found out was a birthday present for him).  It was stunning!

Old Hickory Sheds
901 South Lincoln, Jerome
Mark Yoder (208) 324-1408
They let us use one of their gorgeous sheds to be placed on the float.  The quality and craftsmanship that goes into these sheds is astounding.

Moss greenhouses Inc.
(208) 324-1000
Moss's let us use whatever we needed.  So we had the (fun) task of looking through their gorgeous array of potted perennials to choose whatever we needed to really make the float pop with color! 

Lorna Irwin, wife of Dr. Irwin
The mind bogglingly-talented Lorna Irwin created this rooster from scratch using such innovative and out of the ordinary materials as water noodles, foam, paper mache, wood and PVC pipes!  GENIUS!

The Rodeo Chicken
Kathy was the friendly rodeo chicken. Kids and adults alike wanted to take a picture with her.  Who wouldn't want to have their picture taken with a giant chicken. Right?!

... last but not least we had lots of little helpers during the parade.  From singing and dancing on the float to entertain the onlookers, to throwing refreshing waters and otter pops to the crowd these little helpers were invaluable to the success of the float!

To see more pictures from the parade click on the link below!

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