Our Market is Moving!

by Jerome Farmers Market, March 14, 2015
Our Farmers Market is moving! 

We have LOVED the Crouches and Crossroads Point Business Center. They have been so wonderful to us. The location has been amazing and we have met so many good friends and customers. The decision to move hasn't been an easy one. Crossroads Point Business Center has helped us get established. They have been the best hosts and supporters of the market. They have offered sound advice and have always been willing to lend a hand. Their integrity is the finest and they are and will always be dear friends. The development is beginning out there and we hope they sell the lots in leaps and bounds!

We are moving 2 miles North on Highway 93 to The Mountain View Barn.  The Mountain View Barn property has:

1. 5.8 acres of historic property with a large barn on the West side. Not only will this barn serve as a beautiful backdrop to our market but it will also serve as a windbreak to our vendors.  The 40 mile an hour winds that we get during the Summer can destroy our tents and this will temper that sweet Idaho wind and protect the vendors a bit more. 

2. The property is shaded by towering cottonwood trees. It can get fairly warm in the Summer and we will be on several acres of grass with close parking nearby. We will have access to potable water and restroom facilities.  

3. With this move our customers can come to the Mountain View Barn on a Saturday and peruse the Market and even get a bite to eat at the Barn's Coffee Shop.  The Mountain View Barn is a charming and historical part of Jerome County and as much as we will miss the The Crossroads Point Business Center, we are excited to begin this new journey.  We hope that you come out and visit us this Summer!

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