Featured Vendor! Niki & Ember's Produce

by Jerome Farmers Market, July 18, 2019
Niki & Ember's Produce

We asked Niki what made her want to start her business and she gave us a few reasons:

1. She wanted to be a Proverbs 31 woman - married but has her own spine (we like that!)

2. She wanted something for her and her daughter to do together 

3. She listens often to Dave Ramsey which leads us to her 4th reason...

4... to earn a little extra cash 

5. And lastly, to recover from the garden replanting economic losses from the four last frosts this Spring that killed much of her gardens many times over.

We are excited to have Niki and Ember.  And as you will see in the pictures below, all of Jerome is lucky to have them as they have produced some gorgeous produce and create some yummy treats.

(... and...her husband has the most beautiful cherry red tractors that he races!  Sometimes, if we are lucky he brings them to the Market for us to look at (drool over).)

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