July 3, 2021

by Ana Harrop, July 01, 2021

 Happy 4th of July! We hope you have a safe and fun holiday. 

At the Jerome Farmers Market this week, we will be celebrating as well. Join Abel for a barbeque. Enjoy a wonderful lemonade. We will have zucchini this week, cherries, beets, and many other vegetables. The summer vegetables are blooming and will be on before you know it.

Our pick of the week is Lisa's breads and rolls, and Quinton's cupcakes. All are fabulous for your holiday picnics and parties. Theo and Hattie will be back with their cookies, and there is just so much more to take home or with you on your trips. If you need to take a "made in Idaho" souvenir, we can help you too.

Moss Greenhouse will bring a trailer of basil, huge tomatoes in cages and 1 gallon geraniums.

We are open from 9-1 at the Mountain View Barn. Look for us 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93 this Saturday. We'll see you soon!

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