August 21, 2021

by Ana Harrop, August 19, 2021

 It is hard to believe that August is half over. It is interesting to see what matures so quickly in the gardens right now. This weekend will be our back to school celebration. Sadly, summer vacation is coming to an end, but that signals the time of year to begin canning and putting food by for the winter. 

Our onions are curing for food storage. Peaches, pears, and apples will soon be the norm. We have the beginnings of fall squash and they hold for months.

Stock up on your soaps and honey When the blackberry, raspberry, and pumpkin honeys are gone, they are gone for the season. 

Pick up some amazing breads for your kids lunches and sweets for dessert.

Try the Portuguese chees eon your meals as well. There are wonderful necklaces, jewelry and bags to carry your necessities in.

Come see us at the Mountain View Ban from 9-1 this Saturday. We are 3 miles South of Jerome on Highway 93.

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