March 11, 2022

by Ana Harrop, March 11, 2022


After watching the news and being sad, I took a little time out this morning and had a wonderful time. Tomorrow, Moss Greenhouse is opening for the season!...By all means, take the time to soothe your soul, make you happy, and lift your spirit. Go out and see the marvelous herbs, pansies, décor and flowers. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did. The smell is intoxicating and the feeling amazing.

 This weather is getting close to breaking from winter. As it warms up, it will quickly be time to clean up the flower beds, gardens, planters and patios. I am rushing to complete all indoor projects because the minute it is time, we’ll be out for hours a day. The house will be on it’s own.

 The vendor listing is increasing and we have some new folks for you to meet. Time is quickly approaching our opening day. Believe it or not, efforts are also well under way for the Harvest Festival in October!

 We wish you an amazing spring and joyful time to soon get outside. Whooo Hooo!            


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