by Ana Harrop, May 16, 2022


In just 3 short weeks, the Jerome Farmers Market will be open for business. Time is surely flying. We’d like to introduce you to some of our amazing vendors.


Diana Adams comes all the way from Bliss and sells amazing baskets, hand brooms, lavender and jewelry. Her baskets make lovely gifts and I can’t wait to buy a hand broom from her. She’s a delight and so very, very kind.


Dorian Bench, aka wood turner extraordinaire makes pens, gorgeous bowls, salves, jewelry and is just plain fun. He is getting a reputation throughout the valley with his incredible products.


Pam Cunningham is our tie dye lady…She has shirts, dresses, scarfs, and many more colorful items. Her booth is fun and lively and it’s a pleasure to visit with her…and buy!


Lisa Hernandez with “We Knead Dough” is a staple at the market. Her breads, rolls, sweet breads and other surprises make her a market favorite. Come early for best selection as she has a tendency to sell out. Lisa will take extra good care of you.


Shana, Nancy Carie Jackson are so delightful. You can purchase bags, doilies and so much more from these gals. When you hear laughter echoing across the lawns, you can bet it’s coming from their booth.


Marty, Kelli Sue Kolz and Daniel are fun people and sell fun product. They specialize in pies, jams and Daniel has a taste for discovery and exploration with his tarts. Check them out for produce in season and stop by for a visit.


Mike & Cristina Machado sell everything Portuguese. From dishware to amazing cheese, sweetbread and many delectable delights, you can’t miss these friendly and wonderful people. When Mike breaks out the grill, lunch is served and it will literally make your day and make your tastebuds very happy.


In another week, we will line out more vendors for you to learn about. Mark your calendar for June 4 from 9-1 and listen to Lee Family Broadcasting for our market ads.

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