by Ana Harrop, June 07, 2022

This Saturday is a market you’ll not want to miss!  
Did you know that you can buy beautiful beef roasts, steaks and much more at the Jerome Farmers Market?

 The Jerome Civic Club will be there with their marvelous pies and wares. Moss’ Greenhouse will bring 1 gallon tomatoes deeply discounted and 10 inch hanging baskets for only $20.00.

 We have the 3 Marketeers who sell products and treats for your dogs and we also have some brilliant kids who sell amazing stones and treats for kids. The freeze dried candy is a must try and if you want some fabulous baskets and brooms, you’ve got to come. It will be a hot day so the lemonade stand will be open. The gardens are progressing along. 

We are located 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93 and are open from 9-1. We’ll see you very soon.

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