by Ana Harrop, June 26, 2023

 Join us this Saturday to welcome the month of July and prepare for your July 4th celebration. Once again, we will have fresh bing cherries, gorgeous strawberries and wonderful food for your holiday festivities. 

Did you know that you can now get an amazing pancake breakfast at the Jerome Farmers Market along with fried tamales? Having had both, I highly recommend them.  Moss Greenhouse will undoubtedly bring beautiful plants, herbs, and pots for your patio decorations. There are July decorations available to enhance your home and many, many surprising items to discover.

We are located 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93 at the Mountain View Barn. The hours are from 9-1. Come early for the best selection. It is forecasted to be warm, beat the heat, enjoy the lemonade and we will see you soon!

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