by Ana Harrop, September 21, 2023

 This week promises to be "Fall Like." If there ever is a time for vegetable soups, bisques, homemade rolls and pies, this is it. You can pick up every single ingredient you need at the Jerome Farmers Market. Create hearty meals that warm your body and soul that can help provide a close family tie. You can decorate for fall with the assortment of pumpkins, gourds, and squash. They are spectacular this year. 

We have 4 weeks of the market left. The Festival is called Hogwarts Festival Extraordinaire.  Answering the 4 clues in order at Greengotts will win you a nice gift basket from Trader Joes. There will be one question each coming week. What is the password to get into Professor Dumbledore's office? The first person to answer all 4 correctly will be the winner. 

We are open from 9-1 and are located at the Mountain View Barn 3 miles South of Jerome on Highway 93. 

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