by Ana Harrop, July 09, 2024

 The Jerome Farmers Market is busy, busy, busy! Come early and beat the heat this Saturday. The Jerome Civic Club will be there with fresh baked cherry pies and wares. The sourdough artisan bread sells out very quickly. Refreshing pickled veggies are a taste treat delight. If you want to taste the best barbeque ever, check out All Things Hygge, she also carries amazing maple syrups. Load up on fresh vegetables, jams, flavored milks, cheese curds, and honey. Tye Dye Pam's clothing makes the best summertime clothing, they are cool, comfortable and fun to wear. Moss Greenhouses will continue their clearance items.

We are at Moss Greenhouses 269 South 300 East and are open from 9-1. Have a fresh lemonade while you shop and we will see you this Saturday. 

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