Market Announcement

by Ana Harrop, June 10, 2021

 The Jerome Farmers Market is officially open for business!

We are excited to renew old acquaintances and see old friends. Due to recent developments and requests, we need to make a statement and hope you'll bear with us. We adore and care for EVERYONE who takes time to come see us. It is our desire to serve, help and nurture all of our customers and vendors. 

Recently, we have been asked about hosting political agendas, personal agendas and illegal substances. 

We are are not a platform for any of the ABOVE-MENTIONED requests. 

We provide fresh produce, breads, honey's, home created crafts and sell to the public. We promote wellness and healthy lifestyles. We invited our sponsors to come anytime and if they need to set up instructional booths, are welcome to do so. The Jerome Farmers Market has had fund raisers for cancer victims, organ transplant recipients, Veterans for Child Rescue, Underground Railroad, and FFA Activities. The fund raisers must be approved by the director and board of the Farmers Market. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, calm and joyful experience for our customers who come to see us. 

As a sign once said, "Solicitors not welcome. Do not make it awkward." Thank you, we look forward to seeing you. 


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