Saturday June 19, 2021

by Ana Harrop, June 17, 2021

 The Jerome Farmers Market is well underway. As the weather warms, more vegetables develop and ripen. There are still beautiful kohlrabi, broccoli, spinach, cabbage. Each week brings more varieties of produce... You really don't want to miss a week because many talented vendors rotate in. Check out our 10 year anniversary cookbook. It will teach you how to cook the many vegetables that we grow.

 Did you know that Christina Machado brings Portuguese products? It's a great find! My pick of the week is to buy a beautiful cutting board from Kent, or a leather journal from Kennedy, a rifle pen from Dorian and gourmet mustards for Father's Day. On these hot days, our lemonade is a hit, but you can also find fabulous Italian sodas and iced coffees from Angie Barns.   

Moss's Greenhouse is bringing back their $1.00 basil, tomatoes, and fruit mints.

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