by Ana Harrop, October 03, 2022

 This Saturday is the final day for the Jerome Farmers Market this year. Come celebrate with the Hunt for the Horcux. We are open from 9-2 and the vendors will still be there with their wonderful wares. Collect some gorgeous pumpkins and decorations for the holidays. 

There will be a costume parade at 10:00 and the most fun inflatable costume races at 11:00. Quidditch tryouts are at noon. Visit the Witchy Boutique, Mimi's Potions, Barts Butterbeer, 8 Broomsticks Bakery, The Owlery, Olivanders Wands, and pet the Fantastical Beasts. Ride the Hogwarts Express, take fun photos and visit the Barn to see Hogwarts.

There will be plenty of lunch options available: Portuguese Barbeque, tacos, tamales, and more will be ready. There will be surprises around every corner! 

We are 3 miles south of Jerome on Highway 93 at the Mountain View Barn. The weather promises to be beautiful. Come and enjoy a wonderful day with your friends and family. 

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