by Ana Harrop, October 18, 2022

 As we have finished the 2022 Farmers Market Season, we have many people we need to thank and whom we are so grateful for.

You may have noticed how nice how nice the grounds, the barn and surroundings area looked. OJ, John, Nina Hollifield, and their help worked tirelessly to make it the best it has ever been. We so appreciate their hard work. 

Thanks to Agropour/Jerome Cheese for their donation to help many worthy causes. A special thanks to Starr Corporation and ICCU for their donations to fund the festival. We are ever grateful for Lee Family Broadcasting and Paul who faithfully every week for the market updates and for their broadcasting of our events. 

   We appreciate KEZJ and their promotion of the festival. The Jerome Civic Club worked tirelessly to help and serve the community as did our wonderful vendors. They're the best of the best. Lorna Irwin has been my surrounding board and inspiration all year long. Her snake was epic. 

Ana Harrop was with me all year working on the web page and announcing events each and every week. She came all the way down from Alaska to help with the festival. My husband Kent lugged, hauled, and toted, tons of product, tables, tents, vegetables, and everything else that needed to be moved. This is a family affair; Steve, David, Hilary, Theo, Hattie, and James were tremendous help. My models for the banners and posters were McKenzie Capps and Mimi Bartholomew. 

Our sponsors allow the market to run and we are so appreciative of them and their support.

However, most of all, we are thankful to our Father in Heaven for the great harvest all year long, for the beautiful weather this season and for the opportunity to live in this beautiful valley. 

We love our patrons and wish you all a beautiful fall and blessed holiday season.

--Sincerely, Kathy Bartholomew, Market Director

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